The twelve-ounce pour of it:

We purchased a 114-year-old beverage production and soda pop bottling site. We bought the 32,000 square-foot, 2-acre spread, reinvented it into a Craft Brewery. We made it cool again.

An historic evolution of tasteful indulgence? In the dry county of Caldwell County, North Carolina, in the wet town of Granite Falls (population 4,722), a behindhand mill town stretched along the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains where residents voted in a liquor store in 1963 but didn’t vote in on-premise/off-premise beer and wine sales until 2005 (42 years later), two aging kids—she and he met while working in a Winn-Dixie grocery store when they were seventeen—decided to drag the Town to an idea: Soda pop. Begets Craft Beer.

Ordinances and a new Permitted Use for the real estate, one Building Inspector and a Fire Marshall, and some dusty sledgehammer work later:

Craft Beer Pint GlassGranite Falls Brewing Company (“GFB”) opened locally to the public on September 6, 2013. GFB operates from the former home of Granite Bottling Works (1903-1978) and Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Hickory (1978-2012). To put the dates in perspective: soda production and bottling started on our site the same year the Ford Motor Company was founded. When you enter GFB’s brick lobby, you’re stepping inside the original Granite Bottling Works plant. Prepare to be greeted by the original Double Cola, My Cola, Flavors of the Highest Quality, Sun Drop, Cheerwine, and other surviving bottles in our lobby display case.

Journey on into our 220-seat tasting room, gastropub, and music venue and you are exploring the 1962 bottling warehouse—constructed the same year Wal-Mart Stores was founded. Four TVs lend GFB a sports bar feel but remember you’re standing on a site which was operational seventeen years before the NFL was born. Get the picture? Our covered, dog-friendly, heated and cooled patio lies just beyond the faraway door.

Century-Old Roots. An unmistakable New Liquid. We didn’t invent soda pop—we simply built our craft brewery atop its foundation. Tradition. But Evolved.