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Granite Falls Brewing Company is proud to operate from the historic Granite Bottling Works (1903-1978) and Pepsi-Cola Bottling (1978-2012) plant. The original 1903 Bolick’s Bottling plant comprises our lobby: When you enter our establishment, you are literally stepping into history. Come celebrate with us over a century of beverage production and packaging onsite!

Front of House, Back of House

Front of House / Back of House Team


Grandson of a Sicilian Coal Miner of 41 years comes home to Appalachia

Mastroeli-MacNeil Equity Investments, LLC, a male-female pair of Caldwell County investors, invite you to visit their award-winning production brewery and brewpub—chomp into a handcrafted burger topped with peanut butter, local jam, and a local farm egg or one of our artisanal, made-from-scratch pizzas or desserts—enjoy a tour of the expansive brew space and carry home a product that was brewed on American-made equipment where you were just standing. We welcome you to become a part of our Great American Revival Story.

Mario Mastro - Granite Falls Brewing

Mario Mastro, Founder

Our Founder

Mastroeli-MacNeil Equity Investments, LLC has its roots in Malvagna, Sicily (Italy); Barra, Scotland; Szamosszeg, Hungary; and Cheltenham, England. Mario Mastroeli, President and General Counsel, holds a Master’s Degree in Economic Development and specializes in Corporate Law and Private Equity (UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law ’00).

Mr. Mastroeli’s cousins reside in Malvagna, Sicily where they cultivate grapes in a family vineyard and lemons (limoncello) along the base of Mount Etna. Mario Mastro is the grandson of a Sicilian coal miner (Bishop, VA) and Hungarian mother of seven, and a commercial fisherman and his wife hailing from Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Mario is a foodie, extra-amateur home brewer, cigar aficionado, and live music (jazz/funk) enthusiast.

Mastroeli-MacNeil is proud to partner with Head Brewer Ben Barber to leverage its vision, in combination with their talents, to craft exceptional liquid that is born, brewed, and raised locally, and proud to call North Carolina home.

Ben Barber, Head Brewer

Ben Barber – Head Brewer

Jordy Smith - Brewer

Jordy Smith – Brewer

Brandon Weise, Logistics

Brandon Weise, Logistics

Granite Falls Brewing Company: Tradition. Evolved.